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t's me! don't worry you can see me later

Hi, I am Youssef

It doesn't matter where you start but how you finish that matters!


I am a junior software engineer living in Morocco. I am eager to learn and improve myself everyday, to be a positive actor in the software engineering, my start doesn't matter now, but I want to finish in the top version of myself.

Currently I am a software engineer at Société Générale - Africa Technologies & Services. Engaged in all phases of software development of a web service receiving million of requests a day. The main stack I am using include the elegant C# language, .NET Framework, Git, GitHub, TeamCity, Microsoft Azure, and Service Fabric.

In my spare time, I try to explore other technologies like React.js, Vue.js, or whatever.

I created this website to start my blogging journey, and I hope it's not gonna be a start forever and I will be able to get rid of this paragraph soon 😅.

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